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Welcome to Owosso Medical Group!! Celebrating Our 25th Year... Our New Spa Grand Opening is March 1st... Call for details...

Internal Medicine - Sleep Disorder - Pulmonary and Critical Care

Owosso Medical Group's mission is to provide excellence and leadership in patient care and service. We treat each patient with respect, compassion, and trust. Our new facility is located on Health Park Drive in Owosso, Michigan (north M-52).

Owosso Medical Group will provide excellence and leadership in:
  • Patient Care and Service
  • Healthcare services for all patients
  • Provide quality healthcare
  • To diagnose and treat all patients with sleep disorders within our community through the provision of personalized programs and services
Our Vision:
  • Owosso Medical Group will be a place where people want to come when they need healthcare.
Our Values:
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency

  • As you enter our sleep center, you will immediately recognize that care and attention has been paid to insure that your experience is quiet and comfortable.

    Each room features a luxurious bed, reclining chair, reading lamp, flat-panel television with DVD, and armouir. You will have direct access to a bathroom and shower. In addition, we provide a kitchen for that late-night snack!

    Dr. Azmy Allam and our sleep center staff will make sure that your Owosso Medical Group sleep study is as pleasant as possible.


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